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About liz kidz inc.
liz kidz was founded ​in 1996. liz kidz was established to reward students who made the honor role with report card parties and/or sports trips. Then in 2001 liz kidz realized that the community had greater needs, therefore back to school parties began. In 2002 liz kidz realized that a host of students' basic needs weren't being met, liz couldn't afford to supply all of them, so liz kidz begin to host fund raisers each year. The holiday parties, weekend cookouts and lunches or dinners began. At first liz kidz partnered with the Department of Education to provide summer lunch for students who didn't attend summer school and who wouldn't otherwise eat. Then liz kidz partnered with Indy Park's summer lunch program in 2003 to feed more low income children on the far eastside of Indianapolis. To date liz kidz has several annual events and is still growing. It Takes A Whole Community Support a Child! - liz  

liz  kidz mission is to serve the least of us by giving help, hope and hospitality to the underprivillaged, deprived youths and their families in our community.